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Shakespeare  for  Breakfast - One4Review

I know I keep going on about my dislike for the Bard, and my dislike of early mornings especially at Fringe time, but this has been one show I’ve swallowed my prejudices and attended religiously for a few years now. This year’s show is a skit on ‘I’m a Celebrity’ with Julius Caesar, Romeo and Juliet, Lord and Lady Scottish Play, Viola, Brutus and Cleopatra, amongst others including a Roman Ant & Dec running the show. The usual mayhem ensues, with some homage to the Bard and plenty of puns, multi-characterisation and the odd song or two as gradually the numbers are reduced, and not by the usual phone-in voting either. The show, written, directed and acted by Judith Quinn aided and abetted by Angela Beasdale, Frances Buckroyd, Laura Glover and Alyssa Kyria may not appeal to Shakespeare purists, but judging by the packed houses it certainly has a lot of fans…. and there’s coffee and croissants thrown in as well!! ****  

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