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Cast Aside - One4Review

Ankle productions introduce ‘Cast Aside’.  We meet the cast of a new ground breaking 4-member production of an adaptation of ‘The Merchant of Venice’. Along with the camp crap company assistant and the moronic, megalomaniac who thinks he is a director. We meet the four performers who all have egos, alter egos and pretensions, each one is at stages as obnoxious as the other. You get to laugh at these luvvies attempting to out do each other, the typical twee remarks fly, undercurrents threaten to bubble over and relationships are forged. We see a side of the business I hope doesn’t exist, but suspect it does. The cast members are, Edward Hancock, Magnus McCullagh, Will Railton, Frances Brennand Roper, Alice Sander and David Stephenson. Written by Charlie Brafman based on an original play by Ben Brafman and Dan Lerner. The other audience members laughed outrageously I thought it mildly amusing but that was only my opinion. ***

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