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Neil Edmond : Knocker - One4Review

Neil Edmond has a fresh, funny and innovative act – part scripted and part improvised.  He does actually carry out street interviews prior to each performance and we the audience play an integral part of his show almost as a kind of focus group. He opens with his experiences as a market researcher. His style is laid back and self deprecating. Continually he feeds off the audience’s ideas and suggestions with the questions he poses. He can wander off into where these ideas take him almost as much for his own amusement as for the audience’s. Incidentally, he has the most expressive and almost balletic right hand movement which is in time with his descriptions whilst the rest of his body is absolutely still, his left hand firmly holding his researcher’s clipboard. The final part of the show involves the audience providing the topic and suggesting potential questions for the following day’s street survey to be used in the next performance. He even gives a phone number for the audience to find the survey results. Neil Edmond appears in his role as a market researcher as a rather plodding type but his skill as a performer is being really quick witted and humorous without having to show off. With a warm and engaging personality, his show should prove a success. ****  

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