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Pigeon Man Apocalypse - One4Review

There are two things one can be sure of on going to an Act Provocateur International production. Firstly, it will not be light and fluffy theatre and it will be well staged, directed and acted. I first came across API two years ago and have become an admirer of their work, planning to see several of their eight shows this Fringe. This William Whitehurst play introduces us to Arthur Cork, played by Andy McQuade, who has walled himself up in a deserted building, living only on pigeons and rainwater. Cork has been driven insane by an abusive mother, both physically and mentally and his story is told through a series monologues depicting incidents in his life from childhood to adult and help to explain his state of mind. This powerful play is skillfully directed by Victor Sobchak and McQuade’s performance is immense. This is certainly not an easy option to watch, but for a fine piece of early afternoon theatre it would take some beating.


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