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Sequinned Suits & Platform Boots - One4Review

Sequinned Suits and Platform Boots, written and directed by Mark Wheeller, has as it’s focus the Glam Rock era of British pop music, and I’m afraid to admit it is a period of time I remember only too well. This is a feel good production from start to finish, the young cast obviously are enjoying this production, as much as their audience, their enthusiasm is almost tangible while performing. The story told by a narrator, Shakey Threwer, who links the events on stage that tell his life story through this time. The show has all the ingredients, ambition, unrequited love, slap stick, caricature roles and even a touch of panto, together with funny lines, singing and of course Glam rock music. The audience I was in consisted of all ages, mums and dads joinging along and fairly young kids clapping along to songs they probably never heard before, but caught up with the vibe that is generated. One has to put this slightly in context, this company is a Youth Theatre and that is certainly the age it was been written for, and has a few rough edges in comparison to older groups. This does not seriously detract from this feel good romp and I can recommend this as one of the best ways to spend an hour during the late afternoon. ****  

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