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Steve Williams - Excitable   Comedy - One4Review

Surely when one comedian recommends another comedian you know you are in for a good night? So why was I nervous going to see Steve Williams? This young guy is pleasant looking with what can only be described as a totally inoffensive style of comedy. Whereas other comedians rely on profanity to make them amusing, Steve’s gentle humour is right up my street. His observational stories are gems, even if I’m sure I’ve heard some of it before and although I haven’t met her I love his mum. Some of his gems that will stay with me are those of his interpretation of the weather, sales persons at makeup counters and little fluffy animals that end up as road kill. It suddenly dawned, no wonder I recognised some of the material, after some input from Geoff, we remembered we had seen Steve before! He was on the bill with Danny Bhoy in Kirckaldy last year and I was desperate to see him again. Now I have and he was great. My memory for names is renowned for its non-existence but hopefully he is now emblazoned on my mind. Lovely comedian with a nice gentle show some belly laughs more soon please! **** For more information see

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