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Wheeler's Luck - One4Review

A tale of conservation versus development told in a uniquely entertaining way. Set in a small New Zealand coastal community, Nigel Collins and Toby Leach play a myriad of characters with tremendous energy and superb comic timing. The plot is complex and involves flashbacks to a tragic love affair from over a century ago which is celebrated in the town’s annual festival. The town is equally divided between those who want the development and those against. The issue is to be decided at the festival between the leaders of the two factions. I won’t give away how the tale finishes but it does reach a dramatic and humorous climax. There are unexpected and funny twists and turns on the way. A dance routine with the guys playing 2 girls dancing to Blondie’s ‘Call Me’ is a hoot. The guys play so many characters both male and female it is impossible to count how many. All this achieved with no props and without leaving the stage for the whole 90 minutes of the performance. Wheeler’s Luck is a clever piece of comedy theatre played by two highly talented and versatile performers.                                                             ****  

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