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A Dependable Marriage - One4Review

NUTS hail from Newcastle University and for years have been bringing good quality entertainment to the Fringe. Their offering this year is the  Caroline Wood written A Dependable Marriage. Alice, Margaret Clunie, has discovered that her sister Lucy’s, Edwina Langelly, husband Simon, James Johnson, has been having an affair with Lucy’s best friend Charlotte, Jules Kosciuczyk and in spite of her mother, Louisa Kilkness warning her not too, informs Lucy. Lucy knows, but is tolerating the situation until a confrontation with Michael, Michael Butterworth, Charlotte’s husband leads to an agreement being reached. So what is the agreement, and how does the dashing Freddie, Tim Pritchard, fit into the equation? The answer to these can be found for the cost of a ticket and into the bargain you will witness a fun play, well acted by all with tight direction by Emily Vaughan-Barratt and Edward Clifton. Certainly a good way to start off the Fringe afternoon. ****

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