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Janey Godley’s Chat Show - One4Review

We know the quality of comedy we get with Janey Godley but having her host a chat show! Would the guests get a word in? Not that I’m saying Janey is a motor mouth, she just likes to fill the silences.  On Wednesday 15th of August her guests were Jim Bowen,  Jon Ronson and Johnny Sorrow, ok I only knew Mr ‘Bit of Bully’ Bowen who is performing at the EICC for two nights.  Jon Ronson seems to be a bit of an all rounder but he has written a book, which is to be made into a film. Finally Johnny Sorrow who is probably one of the least employed comedians, I have heard of. On this particular day they had problems with the radio mikes, despite this I thoroughly enjoyed the show. It was great to see Jim Bowen who is looking very well. I’d like to get Jon’s book out of curiosity. As for Janey she fits into the hostess very well and despite the technical problems kept the show going. She has an amazing line up of guests to come, details from the venue or . ****

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