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Trying is Good - One4Review

Joise Long is 25 years old.  25!  And quite sickeningly talented with it.  With anyone else this might stir up pangs of envy or jealousy but luckily Josie is also immensely personable, so there’s simply no way that you can even begin to dislike her.  Especially with this year’s show – Trying Is Good. The lovely Josie Long, as she shall be known henceforth, is a big believer in making an effort, no matter how misplaced that effort may be.  She talks us through some of her own examples of how she is trying to improve herself by turning her weaknesses into strengths as well as providing examples of other people who have ‘tried’.  As each story progressed the lovely Josie endeared me to her more and more with her perky personality and bouncy, gleeful delivery.  This is a show which is truly aimed at making you happy. It’s also obvious that Josie is putting an immense amount of personal effort into the show, lending a little bit of herself to every performance through hand drawn programmes and visuals.  With any other comedian this type of effort might not sit right, but with Josie Long it’s absolutely fitting.  I urge you to try, try, try to fit her into your Fringe schedule.  Searingly funny, artistically gifted and, did I mention this, really rather lovely! *****

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