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Celia Pacquola in Am I Strange - One4Review

From the first ten minutes or so of her routine, it is obvious that Celia Pacquola has a talent for witty comedy that is beguiling. She has natural charm, great timing and marvelous pacing. The question is not so much whether she is strange but whether she would be able to sustain the comedy for an hour, given that her theme is such a simple one of being cheated on by a previous boyfriend with whom she was in a relationship for over two years. The answer is a definite yes with the help of a few digressions on the way such as the sexual perversions of dolphins and impressions of drunken girls. She employs two approaches. She does a normal stand up with the lights on but with a click of the fingers the lights dim and she reveals the workings of her inner mind, including conscience, paranoia and logic. The blend works well in complementing her outward behaviour and internal thought processes. It would be understandable for her to go into a man hating rant but she chooses the most subtle and understated put down of men I think have ever seen. Nevertheless, she closes with an optimism that is so touching you just wish she meets the right man.   ****

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