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Lucy Porter – Fool’s Gold - One4Review

4 stars

As regular visitors to our site will already know, we here at one4review have been Lucy Porter fans for many years now, so it was with keen anticipation that I attended her Fringe 2009 offering in the massive space that is Pleasance Beyond.

In keeping with her show title the minimalist set was mostly gold based, even the pre show music featured songs that all had Gold in their titles.

The crowd warmly welcomed her  to the stage.  Well, how can you not like Lucy?  She is a very funny lady and is so nice.  Definite ‘AWW’ factor here.

So off we went, travelling on the journey she took us through the concept of her show – family stories, Gold, Alchemy, Dubai, rappers and Gold Rushes are all topics that are covered during this extravaganza.

Lucy chats with her audience, feeds 24 carat gold to a member of the front row, has a prize competition with real golden prizes and tries her hand at alchemy live on stage.

As always with Ms Porter’s show the subject mater is well researched, well written and performed by an excellent comedian.

As always the tickets for her shows are flying out of the door so if you don’t want to be the fool to miss out, get your ticket while there may still be some available.


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