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RE……… - One4Review

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3 stars

Amy (Susie Chrystal) stands centre stage on late night TV with callers attempting to win cash by guessing what the word beginning with Re.. could be. In cages either side of the stage stand two men, callers to the show who display themselves as perverts, animals calling for the attention. Scene changes and we see Amy at home with two large covered cages at the side of her room in which we discover are wild animals kept as pets. Frank (David Isaacs) keeps these animals and complains their relationship is not what it was. He works days and she works nights. After he goes to work another man enters Amy is shocked by his appearance as he says he is Dominic (Adam Lawrence) her x- lover who was reported as dead from injuries received in a war zone six years ago. These three relationships are shown in various ways with a tragic ending.

Apparently starting as a biography of the Reverend Harold Davidson a veteran of the Great War which somehow mutated into references to Nebuchadnezzar whom the writer Freddy Syborn, who also directs, decided could have been one and the same person. Confused well so was I. Taking the piece individually prior to having seen the authors thoughts I saw a powerful if somewhat confusing piece about relationships and human nature. Well performed and worth seeing.


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