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Tom Craine – Comfort Blanket - One4Review

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3 stars

Tom Craine was not a name I was aware of before Fringe 2009 programme appeared, but I’m always keen to hear new talent so I gave this early evening show a try.

It appeared that this was Craine’s first Edinburgh and this personable young man was certainly non-confrontational.  He complemented several audience members, rather than taking the mickey during his opening.

His upbringing obviously did not inspire him to turn to comedy as a career; he talked about his sheltered childhood, religious upbringing and being a former head choir boy.  There can’t be too many similar background on the comedy circuit.

Craine is a worrier and has always required his comfort blankets to get him through life and he lists some of his ways of dealing with these issues.  He states that buffoonery is a trait in his family and that he is also a sufferer.  Maybe that, if true, was partially why he reminded me of Rowan Atkinson, both in style and to a certain extent in some of his actions and looks.

Although he had a fund of material, for me, and a few others in my area of the venue, it didn’t enthral to any great extent. I did not find him hilarious, however he did have a presence that kept one’s attention. I would like to see how he develops in his career, and would check him out again in the future, but currently for me the jury’s out.

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