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At Home with Mrs Moneypenny - One4Review

4 Stars


This is one of the most unusual and distinctive shows on the Fringe. On first arriving at the AGA Showroom venue, a glass of champagne is on offer. We then make our way down a staircase to the showroom kitchen. Without doubt, this is the most expensive set of props on the Fringe.

Mrs Moneypenny welcomes us in to her packed out kitchen. She is the ideal hostess promising us food which will be cooked and served with the help of Richard who was the man from AGA, an audience volunteer and two of her three sons. She is as good as her word with everybody receiving several delightful morsels of food.

Her show consists of sharing her thoughts with us. She is a naturally witty raconteur with a stream of humorous anecdotes which reveal a very clear, pragmatic outlook on life. Families, for example, should be run on business lines but without a grievance procedure.

She is certainly a driven woman having a wide range of achievements, including being an entrepreneur, writer and most recently the holder of a private pilot licence. The most difficult part of this last accomplishment was fitting her 48 year old, body mass index 37 frame into the cockpit. There was one hilarious moment when it became apparent that a young man in the front row thought that HRT stood for High Resolution Television when she was talking about advancing middle age.

She admitted at the beginning that her purpose in doing a Fringe show was to pay for a holiday to Scotland. Sounds arrogant, but this is a woman with very can do attitude. However, she does make the concession. To achieve, you need the assistance of good people around you. Team Moneypenny have crafted a successful show for she is a genuine sell out and thus no financial loss on the holiday.

Reviewed by Ben

Venue; Venue Number                  Assembly @ AGA Showroom; V223

Dates  & Times vary

Fringe Programme Page Number: 228

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