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Daniel Sloss : My Generation - One4Review



 The first time I saw Daniel Sloss about 20 months ago I was certain that the 17 year old kid from Fife was destined for greater things, in fact the very top beckoned. Several subsequent gigs I saw reinforced my opinion, but even I am very slightly surprised how quickly his meteor of a career is taking off.

TV pilot in the can, shortly to be on a National Comedy Roadshow and many, many other TV and radio appearances have accelerated him into the  fledgling superstar he surely now is. His large venue is always sold out, not bad for a personable lad who is not yet 20 and is only doing his second Fringe show.

Sloss has matured in the last twelve months and handles the crowd like a veteran, heckles? Bring it on, and has special treatment for any late comers!! He has also developed his stage presence and totally commands his space.

A fair selection of his material is about his youth and things he has gone through and is still going through. Why not he has only limited life experience, and he has a gentle go at older folk and their habits, yet is still happy to live at home with his ‘old dad and mum’ to look after him and fix the computer. He does have more in his locker than that though, and all the potential in the world.

But if he does have ago at the old, he is beginning to feel his age to, relating a self deprecating story as to how his smart young brother caught him out recently, and as he will soon be twenty, well!!!

At the time of posting there were still some tickets available for some of his shows, but not for long. I suspect already his team are looking at extra dates I’m sure.


Reviewed by Geoff

Pleasance Ace Dome V 23

4 to 29 August

18-40 to 19-40

Fringe brochure page 52

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