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The Mitch Benn Music Club - One4Review

Geoff and I have seen Mitch Ben during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for years. Originally as part of ‘A slice of Kendal Mitch Cake’. Mitch has gone from strength to strength since then. This year sees him with stunning redhead Kirsty Newton on bass guitar and keyboards and Milo McCabe on drums, with guest star Tim Minchin. You could throw any style of music or any subject at Mitch and given a few moments he will come up with a new song. Not only that but he has a superb voice and a really mean guitar player. Kirsty is not only looks stunning  but also has a fabulous voice, and is a great musician. We had seen Kirsty with Mitch before but had not seen Milo. Milo’s family was in the front row having a party to them selves. They have different guests every night and this evenings was the genius that is Tim Minchin. Both Mitch and Tim had 15 minutes to write a new song with a subject chosen by the audience. Each song was as different as the composer but each equally hilarious. This show is fabulous and I defy anyone not to enjoy it, the content may vary slightly from night to night but the quality is always superb. Come and see a master at work. ****

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