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Jump: Tank Productions - One4Review


4 Stars

I have not seen many musicals this year, there was a time where I saw loads, but having been a little disillusioned with some recently, just did other shows. But while talking to Toby Herschmann, the composer of Jump, he encouraged me to go and check out this production and I’m glad he did.

The highly talented cast perform this 75 minutes show in such a way that my faith in new musicals has been somewhat restored. The lyrics and book by Kelly Kingham together with the music by Mr Herschmann where of a very high standard and the busy afternoon crowd seem en masse to agree with me.

Danny, Jonathan Eio, a student of middle-class parents is discovered on the top of a ten storey building and it is assumed he is going to jump. Tabloid style reporter Reilly, Jonathan Dryden Taylor, tries to get the scoop and so the story unfolds.

Danny’s relationship with Sarah, Rebecca Hutchinson, a rather mousey brunette is not going to survive their Uni separation and art student Danny falls for red headed siren Naimh, Emma Odell, who is blatantly sexy but working class, a situation that doesn’t sit well with Danny’s parents , Dryden Taylor again and Lowri-Ann Richards.

Throw into the mix Cassie, Stuart Saint, a pro, a transvestite, a confident and rather more than that for Dad and the plot is ready for fermentation.

The set is versatile, the actors play their characters with style, humour, pathos and versatility to the fore, each excellent at their roles and each has a good singing voice.

The production is well directed by Patrick Wilde, and together with a good script and enjoyable music made this a show well worth seeing.


Reviewed by Geoff

Pleasance Queen Dome V 23

4 to 30 August

14-05 to 15-20

Fringe Brochure P213

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