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Miss Julie - LAS Productions - One4Review


2 Stars

Miss Julie is probably the most famous play of August Strinberg and is one that quite often makes a Fringe appearance.

The action takes place the late 1890’s, in the kitchen of Miss Julie’s father ‘The Count’ on Midsummer’s Eve, where the daughter of the house has been at the servants ball, and has made a play for valet Jean. Jean is betrothed to Kristine the cook, but does that matter to Julie and Jean?

The play is all about power and the abuse of it. Julie’s status obviously outranks Jeans, but then Jean is a man and back then he was more powerful than a mere woman.

LAS Productions have turned this into a play with just the main characters, Kristine and The Count are referred to but never seen, and the dynamic was impaired for me with out a physical Kristine.

The two actors delivered their lines well and clearly, however both had a tendency to overact in my opinion,  I feel both were a little mature in years for the roles and occasionally the direction was less than sharp.

At just over an hour the play was pacey enough to maintain an interest, I just felt I had seen it done so much better in the past.


Reviewed by Geoff

The Vaults V29

17 to 30 August

13-25 to 14-30

Fringe Brochure P 272

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