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Primadoona:- Doon MacKichan - One4Review


4 Star

Twice Emmy winner Doon MacKichan, probably best known for writing and performing in the TV series Smack the Pony is staging her one woman show, a brief reenactment of the last three years where her life has been turned about by a series of set backs, a family death, a divorce and one of her three children becoming seriously ill.

MacKichan has treated all this as a source for her to entertain a packed house and as a vehicle to highlight her undoubted talents as both a writer and a comedy actress.

It would have been easy to have made this an over sentimental, self-indulgent piece, but she has managed to avoid falling into this trap and instead served up an hour of solid material perhaps with the message I will survive stamped right through it.

The packed out crowd were able to laugh throughout as the story unfolded and empathized at the sad parts. Certainly her name is a big draw in many attending, but she sure can deliver a performance worthy of her reputation.

This is a very popular show so it would be advisable to book early otherwise you could find yourself missing out.


Reviewed by Geoff

Gilded Balloon Dining Room V 14

4 to 29 August

17-30 to 18-30

Fringe Brochure P 281

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