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American Football - One4Review

Having recently seen and thoroughly enjoyed Pigeon Man Apocalypse which was written by William Whitehurst and performed by Act Provocateur International, I decided to go to see this play by the same combination. Billy, Garth Maunders,  bored with teenage pastimes and hanging round shopping malls is persuaded into joining the US Marines for all the wrong reasons, with a con pulled by the recruiting officers Marcus Sinclair and Nika Kitrova. Billy, once trained and in action falls for Jasmine, Ms Khitrova again, a local Arab girl and when her brother objects, he kills him, cutting off his head, which outrages one and all. The story moves to it’s conclusion via for me anyway a rather strange route. The acting performances are as always with this company well honed and directed by Andy McQuade, but if I am being totally honest this was not as enjoyable as Pigeon Man. I found it hard to believe it had been written by the same author. ***  

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