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Soho Storeys - One4Review

4 Stars


Written by Tim Norton, Soho Storeys is a big, ambitious project which is successfully realised by a cast of over 30 young, talented performers backed by a 9 piece jazz orchestra.

The scene is Soho, 1953. The action takes place in a 6 storey tenement which is a melting pot of immigrants from Jamaica, Italy, Greece, France and Russia. In the basement, there is a jazz club. The interaction between the immigrants, the locals and the dancing girls takes place with a series of quick fire, witty sketches mixed in with song and dance routines. With so much going on, it can be a trifle confusing.

The story eventually settles into the developing attraction between Jamaican singer Tyrone (Spencer Hughes) and Greek girl Elena, (Katie Barrie), wife of the womanising Tony (Ed Sayer). The highlight of the show is a spectacular chase scene when Tony finds out about Tyrone and Elena and he is seeking out Tyrone to exact revenge. Using a group of movable stairs and platforms the speed of the chase has to be timed with precision.

Huge plaudits must go the direction team of Tim Norton, Kathryn Norton and choreographer Neil Fisher, as well as Ned Bennett and Ajantha Chandrasena, the musical directors for putting together a slick, imaginative and enjoyable show.

Reviewed by Ben

Venue; Venue Number                  Pleasance Courtyard; V33

Dates                                                  8 to 20 August 2010 (not 17)

Times                                                 14.00 to 15.15

Fringe Programme Page Number: 289

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