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KT Tunstall 23 February Alhambra Dunfermline - One4Review

Now if the truth is know I have liked the music of Fife’s favourite female singer songwriter since I first became aware of her debut album Eye to the Telescope back in 2005, a year after it’s release.The follow-up studio album Drastic Fantastic and the perhaps slightly lesser known Acoustic Extravaganza reinforced my opinion that she was certainly to my taste. I managed to catch her at Dunfermlines’ Alhambra in July 2008 and the final piece of the jigsaw fitted neatly into place.
Then suddenly she seemed to fade off the scene, okay getting married would have been a good reason, but for two years with no new product. It was way too long. Eventually Tiger Suit was released in September 2010 and it spelled a very different style from what I expected, however after a couple of plays I was definitely becoming hooked in.
And the a new tour was announced, with the only Scottish date was again a ‘home’ gig at The Alhambra. 
A sell-out was expected and delivered. Two thousand or so hardened fans paced into the place ready to rock and boy were they in for a treat.
Opening act and fellow Fifer Pictish Trail,aka Johnny Lynch, like the first gig I saw opened the night. Mr Trail, by himself this time entertained with a selection of his own material and a nice bit of banter, nicely setting the tone of things to come. He has a good voice and some interesting song ideas. Well worth checking out.
With the atmosphere building and the anticipation almost palpable the pocket dynamo that KT is hit the stage together with her hot, tight band and proceeded to rock the house for around an hour 30.
She really is a live wire on stage, very active, never still for a second, and with a voice and stage presence more than large enough to fill the massive Alhambra space… and then some.
Her set was naturally predominately off Tiger Suit, and the songs sounder almost better live than on disc, but there was also the inclusion of a few ‘golden oldies’ as well, some given a very different makeover, to balance up proceedings.
90 minutes it may have been, but I for one would have happily listened to another 90 as well, and one thing I am sure I would not have been listening alone, but all good things have to come to an end, and this night did. She did however promise to not be away so long the next time and we all hope that this is true.
If you can get a ticket to see her on her current tour, take the oppertunity. These dates can be found on her website an for all of the exhaustive programme at the Alhambra check out
Reviewed by Geoff

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