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Zoe Lyons – Pop-Up Comic Tour - One4Review

Zoe Lyons – Pop-Up Comic Tour

| On 14, Mar 2013

I have been a keen fan of Zoe Lyons ever since I first saw her perform maybe ten years ago during the Fringe and have made a point of trying to see her each and every time she has performed in the Edinburgh area, so it was obvious the place for me to be on 13 March was Edinburgh’s Stand Comedy Club as she was performing as part of her current tour.

Prior to gig time I got talking to some ‘comedy virgins’ who had won tickets to attend the gig and were viewing it with some reserve. I told ‘em they were in safe hands with Brighton based Ms Lyons and sat back to watch them enjoy the gig.

Zoe has always been an engaging comic oozing with personality and presence backed up with a raft of funny, well written and presented material. And of course this 90 minutes plus was yet another example of her at her very best. The Wednesday night audience were receptive to her style, she is well observed, anecdotal and certainly not egocentric. What she achieves is almost an atmosphere of a chat with friends over a beer in a pub, but a friend with the ability to generate fun and genuine laughter throughout.

The underlying link in the two halves of her often self-deprecating set was that she just popped up in various locations for gigs, on occasional TV shows and the fall out from these.

I always think that it a testament to a quality comic in that they are winding up when you think they have only been performing for minutes, and each of the 45 minutes sets felt like less than half that time. Each section was packed to the gunnels with a variety of subjects, University Challenge, Pointless Celebrities, her brothers wedding, her relationship, singles websites and tattoos were stopping off points during the evening, but I am only scratching the surface.

And was I alone in enjoying her set? Hell no!! The club was unanimous in it’s approval of an excellent evening. And the comedy virgins? They were so impressed with what they saw they promised to return soon and often. Maybe Zoe should ask the Stand management for a commission on future ticket sales.

For further information as to where the tour is heading next go to and for all future gigs at The Stand in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Newcastle then check out www.thestand,

Reviewed by Geoff

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