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Ava Vidal: The Hardest Word - One4Review

4 Stars ****

It has been a while since I first saw this funny lady perform comedy and have been delighted to see her profile grow as she deservedly is becoming appreciated for the comedy talent she undoubtedly is.

With her selling out at most gigs I only managed to catch her show fairly late in the run, but am so glad I did, as always.

The show title was initially drawn from an incident with another comedian some months ago and this really was the jumping off point for the hour.

Ms Vidal has travelled far and wide this year and each and every stopping of point was a source of material for this erudite comic to regale her rapt audience with.

Of course it would not be a show if mention of her kids didn’t come into the set, along with the News of the World scandal, Australian racism, theLondonriots and funny incidents from the Kick Racism out of Football campaign that she helps with amongst others that made the cut.

With an Ava Vidal show you know the quality of performance will be extremely high, the entertainment first class and this show just underlines the norm.

Reviewed by Geoff

Stand V Venue 8a

5 to 28 August

17:05 to 18:05

Fringe Brochure P 41

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