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How to pimp your kids and shop for free at Waitrose - One4Review

Matthew Collins is going to educate us in the fine art of pimping our kids and shopping for free in Waitrose.  The former he feels a little guilty about; the latter, decidedly less so. Collins used to work for BBC’s ‘Travel Show’ and he begins his set by recounting a few amusing anecdotes concerning his travels.  He’s a witty raconteur who goes for a final pay off rather than firing a multitude of jokes at you. The main thrust of his show concerns the travels he has undergone with his own children, which allowed him to write two books about the experiences.  It’s during this section that we meet the two stars of the show – his sons Charlie and Nicolai.  The video clips he shows of their adventures are quite amusing, playing off the natural humour that arises from a small child discovering how wildlife works raises.  The material that Collins uses to couch these clips is fascinating and does produce the requisite laughter but it all felt decidedly ‘safe’.  Not that this is a bad thing, however it means that this show rarely rises above simply being pleasant. The section on shopping for free at Waitrose is also informative, but that’s really as far as it goes.  No doubt the local Edinburgh Waitroses may grow suspicious of the number of prawn kormas they’ll suddenly begin to sell. A nice show but nothing spectacular. ***

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