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I Didn’t Mean to be a Virgin in the 80’s - Laura Hayden - One4Review

2 Stars


Laura Hayden has an impressive cv in the  USA and has been performing for a decade or more as a stand-up and comedy actress so this story, what is in essence the story of her life at that time should have been a walk in the park. But somehow it missed the mark.

From the onset the multimedia show left me feel a bit uncomfortable. TV’ s churning out relevant information from the time I found slightly distracting, sound bites of music to illustrate point in the story, in inclusion of movie clips compounded the feeling.

But although stating from the start that she needed a sat nov for her brain as she tended to wander, I found that the show, presented as a monologue should have been more structured.

Okay it was performance one, Ms Hayden was anxious, which did come across quite a lot, this will go, there were a couple of technical issues which will be ironed out, but although this wasn’t a bad show, it certainly didn’t do it  for me. I felt that for what was billed as a comedy was rather short of laughs and those that were there were merely chuckles.

 Reviewed by Geoff

 Sweet Apex Hotel

4 to 29 August

16:05 to 16:55

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