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Jody Kamali's Business Coaching for Idiots – Free - One4Review

4 Star ****

Jodi Kamali is a character comedian with quite a  few Edinburgh shows under his belt and this year he, in numerous guises is conducting the above seminar days at The Hive at a remarkably low price.

Kamali welcomes us as Marco Bucati our seminar facilitator and sets the agenda that will be followed throughout the ‘day’

The obligatory use of presentation PowerPoint slides and film clips leads us through the set out programme of events and introduces our guest speakers, Terry, The Odd-Job man, Jenny Sugar and Yoga guru Michael Sultani.

Kamali is convincing in all of the roles, and has this sort of event down pat. It was almost too convincing at times with buzz words, mission statement et al.

He is without doubt a very accomplished character comedian and has put together a tight, well written and performed piece, a beautiful mickey take of this genre and the people who make a living at this sort of thing.

Go see it, you will never be able to see a seminar again in the same light.

As part of the Free Festival entry to this is free, but on graduating from the course a donation is requested as event facilitators do have eat too.

Reviewed by Geoff

Laughing Horse @ The Hive V 313

Until 28 August

14:30 to 15:30

Fringe Brochure P 99

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