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Lewis Schaffer is Free Until Famous - One4Review

4 Stars ****

Louis Schaffer is a New York born 54 year old man of Jewish heritage. Is this relavent? Probably not, but he sets the scene with this stuff also claiming that he is not self-depricating, but My God he is, in spades.

Lewis does not follow too many of the comedy guidelines, he uses the mic at times, not at others, wanders around the audience, well it is quite a small room, and comes on to the ladies in the front row, in a nice way of course.

Schaffer doesn’t mind naming names, he told stories about Fringe ‘faces’ , the World Trade Centre, financial situation and living in the now. I do suspect that a different audience would maybe get a different show however, but no matter what the set, I’m equally convinced it would also be, like ours, very, very funny.

He is a likeable guy, a funny comic and truly deserves a higher profile than he has already got.  His room is busy and the belly laughs were numerous, you really should check out this guy before he is very famous.

As part of the Laughing Horse Free Festival entry to his show is free, however a collection bucket is there for donations on the way out.

Reviewed by Geoff 

Laughing Horse @ The Counting House

4 to 28 August

16:45 to 17:45and

19:30 to 20:30

Fringe Brochure P 109

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