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Rory O’Hanlon: Is it Just Me That’s Mental - One4Review

4 Stars *****

Rory O’Hanlon is yet another comedian from the conveyor belt of comedy talent that seems to exist inSouthern Ireland and although being a stand up for six years and having been in Edinburgh Fringe before I was unaware of him.

However, catching me in a queue for another show he, never afraid of self promotion asked me to go and see his show and as it fitted in I was able to do so.

O’Hanlon is an observational and autobiographical comedian with a nice line in material and good presentation. He is often self-deprecating making himself the butt of several stories, in particular his hair colour and now his lack of the same.

Family, school, jobs and holidays are points of call along the route he took us, with many laugh out loud moments on the way. If the audience I was in were any judges of proceedings then the guy was a definite hit. And I totally concur.

If there is a slight improvement I would like to see, then that would be a few more smiles along the way, he has an infectious sense of humour and a grin or two more would only heighten the pleasure.

Reviewed by Geoff

Just the Tonic @ The Store V 20

Until 28 August

16:20 to 17:20

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