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Steve Steinman’s Vampires Rock – 26 November 2011 - One4Review

Vampires Rock, the brain-child of writer/ director/producer and main man Steve Steinman returned to Dunfermline’s Alhambra Theatre once again due to popular demand and it is easy to see why this show has such an extensive cult following.
Set in New York in 2030, Steinman plays the evil Baron Von Rockula, proprietor of somewhat seedy club ‘Live and Let Die’ populated with the un-dead all around. Von Rockula ‘assisted’ by handy man Bosley a caricature brought to life by John Evans , is auditioning for a new singer for his club, and probably yet another bride, if only she knew it, and it leads Pandora played by Hayley Russell, a Cliff Richard freak to audition and it doesn’t take long for her inner rock chick to emerge.
From that point it is rock ‘n ’roll all the way. The show opens wit version of Welcome to the Jungle, leading into Highway to Hell, Killer Queen followed by the Rolling Stones anthem Sympathy for the Devil…. And that was just the opening four numbers!!
Although this is a wonderful experience it is not such for the plot line, which is not demanding, but the musicianship and fantastic vocals that are delivered in a veritable ‘Best of’ rock numbers, I counted in excess of twenty songs, a effective set, wonderful lighting plot and a couple of scantily clad female dancers complete the experience.
There is a growing fan base for this show, some people turn up dressed as characters, so I can’t say I have seen such an enthusiastic support for a show that is constantly touring, thaty are already looking at the 2012 schedule.
If you like good rock music and a fun show to boot, then this is certainly the show for you so why not check out their website for all the information you may want. Also check out the Alhambra Theatre Dunfermline’s website for their varied programme on for all they can offer.

Reviewed by Geoff

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