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DBBC Comedy Night 28 July 2012 - One4Review

It was just over three years ago that I was first moved to stage a comedy night in the Dalgety Bay Bowling Club, my time does fly, so when I was approached to repeat the experience I was only too happy to do so. It was my chance to put together a line-up of some of my favourite comedians on one bill for everyone’s entertainment, so were the slightly more mature audience ready to have a laugh? Hell yeah!! They were and then some.

Our compere for the night was the delightful Jay Lafferty. Now those followers of my musings on this site will be aware of the talents of the young lady, but it was the first time I had seen her ‘in charge’. As only she can Jay charmed, cajoled and enticed laughter out of the punters from the outset. She was on fire, had one and all in the palm of her hand from the get go and never left the pace and energy of the room drop. Hats off for the way she did that but left me in a dilemma. Do I prefer Jay in this role or as an act?

The opening act, ably picking up the baton was Gareth Waugh and it was great to see another young Scottish comedian whose career is certainly on the up. Waugh has plenty of stage presence, oodles of well written and presented material and quickly established a rapport with the audience. It seemed that he had barely started when his time was up. I’m sure he will be welcome back anytime and just watch his career soar.

Following the first interval and more Lafferty magic, relative newcomer Kitty Wood took to the stage. Ms Wood oozes confidence, nobody would have guessed that is was her first year doing comedy, and her gag packed set was well received by one and all. This is the second time I have seen her on stage and her growth as a comic was a pleasure to witness. She had plenty of laughs throughout and a variety of stories to entertain. I think her closing routine really hit the spot with everyone also.

Closing out part two, the masters of Improvised mayhem Stu Murphy and Garry Dobson just took over the club and gave a virtuoso performance as only they can. Supremely confident in their style, they raised the bar even higher than already set as they absolutely wowed DalgetyBay with their impro games and comedic skills. I just know they could have played for hours and in would not have been enough for the audience. They only had time for a short taster of their abilities, but as three years ago when they last played here brought the house down.

Following the final interval and Jay getting everybody going again, it was time for the headliner Keir McAllister to stamp his authority on proceedings and of course he did so in spades.

He is a stalwart on the Scottish comedy circuit and has been for a number of years, and his experience, stage presence and a whole raft of top notch material means it is never an ordinary show when he is in the line-up. As those before he had well and truly brought his ‘A game’ to proceedings and blew everyone away for his all too short set. The laughs came thick and fast throughout and I could not believe it was all over when he was finished.

So Jay closed out the night, and what a night. I certainly hope it’ll happen again in this venue, but please don’t make us wait another three years!!

Reviewed by Geoff


  1. Marianne

    Well reviewed, Geoff! And I can’t see us waiting three years – let’s get them back next year!

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