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This Is Soap C Theatre - One4Review


It has been a few years since I have been at this show so I thought it was about time I returned to see what was happening in the world of bubbly stuff.

The show runs everyday of the Fringe as the intrepid seven actors perform a series of unscripted episodes, one each day, giving them a chance to use all the devices of improv comedy and their undoubted acting ability.

The episode is entitled by the audience, who also provide numerous suggestions of lines situations an unlikely events for our soap starts to enact. Our performers are Kirsty Marie Ayres, Christopher Dobson Laura Evelyn, Richard Foster-King, Adam Pendrich Katy Withers and Emily Jane Kerr and incidental music provided by Damien Sandys.

Now I think everyone knows the concept of the performance relies on audience participation, and the crowd I was in were reasonably up for this. I’d guess by week one proper a following will develop and seats could be hard to come by, so why not get in early and of course with every show different, you can always return and again.

 Reviewed by Geoff

 C Plus 1 Chambers Street V 34

 1-27 August

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