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Claudia O'Doherty - The Telescope - One4Review


You know how some comedians can split a room? Well, during this show, on one side was me and a handful of other people going ‘what?!’, and the rest of them whooping and laughing hysterically at things I didn’t think were funny. But you’re in the room, the doors are shut, you can’t escape without climbing over people…may as well stay for the ride.

And what a ride. Its utterly ridiculous and brilliantly coordinated absolute stuff and nonsense. There is a story, which serves as the framework for Ms O’Doherty’s particular brand of comic insanity, keeps the show moving and ensures it all hangs together. Even when it all seems to be going wrong (and she makes you believe it is), Claudia retains complete control of the show and her audience.

Claudia O’Doherty seems to have something of a following. The majority of the audience were enthused and clearly knew what to expect. If you don’t, the worst you’ll leave is bemused.

Reviewed by Laura

Underbelly Cowgate

3 – 26 Aug (not 13); 21:45

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