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Flamenco for Kids - One4Review

| On 12, Aug 2012

Three Star


This is less show, more workshop, where any children feeling brave enough take to the stage, and learn the fundamental skills of flamenco. The basics are stomping and clapping to the music, and although this was a very quiet day, the performers (two dancers, one musician) still took their task seriously, breaking everything down into simple steps and routines, then building up for a final “show” from their volunteer performers for the audience of parents.

For this show, there are flamenco outfits for all, regardless of gender, or size. On busy days, the show is sometimes done in two part sessions, to ensure everyone gets a turn, with those not currently dressed up clapping along.

Once everyone is suitably attired, the floor lights go down, the stage ones up, and the show’s team lead their willing volunteers through the routine once more.

With low numbers, it’s hard to tell how the show would work fuller, but the performers’ raport with children of all ages suggests that this would work even better. It’s certainly fun to get to not only see a show, but be in one, and a lovely taster of a vibrant, fun form of dance.

Reviewed by Gill Smith

C Venues – C ECA

To 27th August (not 21st)

13:15 to 14:15

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