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Lady’s Live Longer – Ladylike - One4Review



Louise Fitzgerald and Victoria Temple-Morris are the constituents of Ladies Live Longer and already have a string of competitions behind them. Their offering years Fringe is a selection of sketches and character comedy pieces all performed with high energy and enthusiasm, and even given the rather small audience they sold the show to the limit.

As with all sketch shows I feel there are always some parts that work better than others and his held true here. There was some excellent characterisation, some good funny stuff too, but I felt that the show relied a little too heavily on song parodies, amusing stuff for sure , but for me perhaps stronger singing voices would have given it that bit extra.

I certainly found the 45 minutes the show lasted passed quickly and when they went into what was obviously the last sketch I was somewhat surprised and they did leave the best to last.

I think that with a larger audience and a few more performances under their belt this could be a really interesting show, at present the jury is slightly out.

Reviewed by Geoff

C Nova India Buildings

15-30 16-20

2-27 August


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