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Parris and Dowler Know What They're Doing - One4Review

This kind of show titles is always a risk… your reviewer is so tempted to say no, they don’t, but actually, this pair do.

The show kicks off with a song, and banter between Rachel Parris and Max Dowler.

Dowler then has the stage to himself for some accurately observed topical impressions, from Prince Charles, to bumbling Boris, Greg from Masterchef, and Jamie Oliver. Every topical impressionist needs a Professor Brian Cox impression, and Dowler’s material made his especially fun. The gags linking impressions also came thick and fast, and the ending was a classic piece of comedic reincorporation.

Parris then takes over, kicking off with her song written for High school Musical. I’ll be honest, I’m not sure their producer will like it, but we certainly did. She plays this, and all her material with a fine balance of insecure vulnerability, and control freak. How it works, I don’t know, but it does.

Back on the pair together, their banter feels a little more forced than their individual sets, but as they say – end on a song. Or an impression, if that’s what you do. This pair end on both, and on plenty of laughter.

Reviewed by Gill Smith

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