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The Oxford Imps - One4Review

3 Star


Every year the Fringe is graced by The Oxford Imps, a troupe of Improv comedians, complete with an MC and a keyboard and these guys and gals work their way through a selection of random audience suggestions to questions from Dylan the MC.

Now they had a pretty out there selection on the afternoon I attended, and a noisy vociferous bunch they were, especially the Canadians, but our Imps, all 7 of ‘em made the best attempt possible to work these suggestions into a variety of by now standard Improv games along the way.

By and large I think they succeeded, okay they had a few dodgy moments along the way, but with enthusiasm and no little skill steered the show home safely, and generally accompanied by a lot of laughter.

This is not a new art form obviously, it’s difficult to be truly different, but these guys are certainly worth checking out for an afternoon hour of mayhem.

Reviewed by Geoff

Gilded Balloon Sportsmans

Until 26 August

15-15 to 16-15

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