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Daniel Sloss – The Show - One4Review

5 Star


It seems like only yesterday when I saw a young child like comedian doing a slot at The Stand Comedy Club but his 10 minutes that night blew me away. I have charted his progress with interest over the last 4 years with numerous appearances on TV, radio and performing live along the way and is it hard to believe that this young guy is now playing a room of upwards of 300 every night as if he is born to it.

Things have changed some, he no longer has the buffer of living at home, he has come out of a long term relationship, he has had a serious hair cut, and where as you could never call him a shrinking violet he has a cool confident air of control while on stage.

Sloss is a naturally funny guy, and he sure knows how to write and more importantly sell a gag, and this years show is packed full of quality material. It is interesting watching the make up of his audience; he does attract a high percentage of young girls, could it be the gags or the eye candy, both I guess.

I know there is a DVD in the pipeline too, so there will b e a chance to own a performance, but until then get along to The EICC while there still may be a ticket or two available.

Reviewed by Geoff


Until 26 August

18-30 to 19-30

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