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Bench Bites - One4Review

Bench Bites

| On 02, Aug 2013


Bench Bites presents a day in the life of a bench, told through brief sketches of interactions between an array of well-drawn characters who remain on the entirely believable side of caricature.

This is a really lovely concept, and it provides an overall structure which means the individual sketches flow together seamlessly. (It reminded me a bit of stop-motion films). The cast of six (I genuinely thought there were more) is excellent, bringing to exuberant life a host of people you might pass in the park. My favourites were the elderly couple feeding the pigeons, and the misunderstood and misguided guy singing along to his ukulele (lovely voice too).

There are some really funny observations and make-you-giggle moments, and the fascinating characters are created and developed through an accumulation of telling details. This show is free (though donations delightfully solicited) and it’s in a small room: get there early and make for the front row.

Reviewed by Laura

The Phoenix, 20:45

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