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Blood Ties - One4Review

Blood Ties

| On 25, Aug 2013

5 stars *****

This was an excellent new production from a Canadian writing team. Simply set in a single room the story unfolds of a surprise suicide on the eve of a wedding and how a group of friends cope with this and the ensuing untangling plot. Based on a true story, the show is engaging – it’s well-rounded and nicely developed with interesting characters and several twists. However, with its roots in fact, the storyline always seemed grounded, despite the events which happened risking becoming unbelievable or farcical. And that also despite the fairly comic start – nicely done.

Despite the macabre theme, the predicaments the characters found themselves in are still relevent to every day lives – would you help a friend out and by just how much, what would you do with someone else’s property, that kind of thing.

The actors all did a fine job and sang well, with the live piano providing the music which was nicely written and tuneful. A well developed show which was nicely crafted executed and I hope it can be developed further.

Review by Alan

theSpace @ Venue 45
Until 24th August, 21:05-21:55

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