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Invisible Woman: Maxine Jones 3*** - One4Review

Invisible Woman: Maxine Jones 3***

| On 10, Aug 2014

I don’t think it would be insulting to describe this show as ‘gently feminist’. We were half way through before I cottoned on, since it had been such subtle and unobtrusive feminism. But I suppose that’s the point Ms Jones was making: women of a certain generation were raised to be (or to become) invisible. Thus, it makes sense that the challenge raised by such women would also be polite and unobtrusive (though no less challenging for that).

This is straight stand up, about the things and experiences in Maxine’s life which have made her feel invisible. This central theme works well, and the stories are pleasingly arranged on this frame. Ms Jones’ delivery is good, but doesn’t demonstrate enough confidence in the strength of the material. I was impressed by the fact she persevered and ultimately worked well with an audience who weren’t particularly forthcoming.

No strikingly original observations, but a genial hour nonetheless.

Reviewed by Laura

Spotlites @ The Merchant’s Hall, 15:00

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