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Felicity Ward – The Iceberg 4**** - One4Review

Felicity Ward – The Iceberg 4****

| On 07, Aug 2014

Felicity starts off her show by explaining the title, the iceberg, like life, is all about perception and perspective. Like an iceberg most people only reveal a small part of themselves with the majority hidden under the surface, however in this social media culture we live in, some are keen to share more than necessary.

Although Felicity had a nasty chest infection it didn’t seem to slow her down any and the show is fast paced and full of energy as she gesticulates and dashes about the stage.  Among the numerous topics and observations covered were Australian politics and their policy on asylum seekers, Australian sport particularly cricket and their supporters’ ingenuity when composing fan chants (did I mention she came from Australia). She also discusses social media, feminism, relationships and an inventive way of diffusing an argument as well as the occasional song.

Felicity Ward is a very funny dynamic comedian who entertains and is very aware of her audience who she banters and flirts with throughout the show.  This is a show worth seeing but be sure to hang around for the finale where it really peaks.

Reviewed by Sharon

Underbelly Dairy Room

21.25 to 22.25

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