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Night Bus ***stars - One4Review

Night Bus ***stars

| On 07, Aug 2014

Exceptionally performed in sketches by accomplished actresses Linda Marlowe and Sarah-Louise Young, this show tells the story of life travelling on the night bus from the perspective of many different commuters. There are yobs, drunks, pregnant women fighting for a seat and lonely people needing some company and someone to listen to their problems.  We also get the viewpoint of the exhausted driver having to cope with drunken insults and lack of respect night after night.  The characters are well portrayed with each passenger completely self absorbed and unaware of what anyone else around them may be going through.

There are definitely more highs than lows in this very insightful show, one of the lower points for me was there seems to be an awful lot of time spent moving the bus seats around for no particular purpose, I know this is for dramatic effect but just felt it was often unnecessary to spend quite so much time on it.

Anyone who has ever traveled on a night bus will certainly recognise a character or two in this. Overall an enjoyable hour, lots of humour and very well acted.

Reviewed by Sharon

Pleasance Upstairs (Courtyard)

13.00 to 14.00

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