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Split Decision by Keir McAllister 4 Star - One4Review

Split Decision by Keir McAllister 4 Star

| On 31, Jul 2014

Should I Stay or Should I Go was a massive hit for the Clash in my youth, a question posed that has no easy answers. This comedy play by Scottish comedy star Keir McAllister questions the same dilemma and in the casting of Paul Sneddon, Jojo Sutherland and Gareth Waugh, stalwarts of the Scottish comedy scene, as the protagonists, coupled with his delightfully written and funny script it is a given that this was going to work.

The action takes place in a counsellors consulting room where the peace is shattered by a tartan clad guy, Sneddon, bursts to talk about his desire to leave, or worse, his wife. Ms Sutherland as the wife arrives and the mild mannered councillor struggles to deal with the situation and the bitter debate over the pro and cons of separation or not really kicks off. Is there a parallel here?

The script written in verse provides the actors a chance to showcase numerous emotions with some outstanding hilarious characterisation is a joy to behold. Although this was the first preview of the run that was not evident in the performance and the direction was spot on throughout.

There is no debate in my opinion and it is an easy decision. This is an outstanding way to start the Fringe day.


Reviewed by Geoff

Assembly Rooms Studio 2

13.30 to 14.30

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