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Pondling Guna Nua 4**** - One4Review

Pondling Guna Nua 4****

| On 12, Aug 2014

This play written and performed by Genevieve Hulme–Beaman addresses life as a lonely child in Ireland as young Madeleine, maybe an ugly duckling, but in her own mind she’s really a beautiful swan. Spending her time on her grandfather’s farm befriending chickens but watch out if you are the farm cat and delighting in her new shiny black shoes.

Madeleine is obviously a somewhat disturbed youngster as she infatuates her life with much older Jonno Boyle O’Connor and dream of one day his affections will be returned and the way she infiltrates her way into the life of a beautiful mother and child obviously trying to fulfil her wish for a family life,

This play in not sentimental in anyway, it is always lively and has many a twist along the way. Although considerably older than the character Genevieve Hulme–Beaman plays the role with ability and style and the staging lighting and direction are complimentary to the piece.

It’s not often these days that I attend theatre pieces but if there are more as good as this around perhaps I should widen my horizons.

Reviewed by Geoff

Underbelly Iron Belly

13.30 to 14.30


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