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MacBraveheart: The Other Scottish Play 4**** - One4Review

MacBraveheart: The Other Scottish Play 4****

| On 13, Aug 2014


As the title suggests this is a comic amalgam of both McBeath and Braveheart mixed together with Rabbie Burns who seem to have a large dose of Malapropisms prior to the show. Throw in a evil witch who persuades William Wallace to kill The Bruce before he can name the Salmond as his successor and we have an hours entertainment packed through with laugh-out loud moments from the off.


The play written by Phil Differ a writer, actor, director, stand-up of renown, is packed with humour, acrostic references and the replacement of fighting with the ballot box which doesn’t sit well with Wallace. Gerry McLaughlin, Scarlet Mack, James McAnerney are the three actors who breathe life into the deliberately low tech production with Differ himself in charge of the direction.

This is a delightfully tongue in cheek piece of theatre relevant to the time and I have to say for me it  could have lasted way longer

Reviewed by Geoff

Assembly Rooms Studio One

13.15 to 14.00


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