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Set List-Stand-Up Without a Net 4**** - One4Review

Set List-Stand-Up Without a Net 4****

| On 13, Aug 2014

Stand Up comics like a challenge in life that is for sure given the career choice, but for many that is not enough and comedy legend and producer Paul Provenza came up with the concept of this show a few years ago where top comedians are challenged to perform on outrageously silly subjects that they have no prior knowledge of and make it funny!!

This has been a cult show for a while and this year is no exception, even with Edinburgh receiving the tail end of a hurricane and we were in a yurt that was periodically leaking, the atmosphere built long before Mickey D took to the stage to explain the concept to the uninitiated.

The line-up of comics pitting their skills had Marcus Brigstocke, Tim Fitzhigham, Thom Tuck, Paul Chowdry, Gareth Richards, Rhys Mathewson and the irrepressible Tony Law all on hand to strut their stuff with various degrees of success, sometimes when they failed it was funnier than when they actually succeeded.

The line-up changes daily and is usually stellar so more than one visit is more than possible as everything will be different, but certainly entertaining.

Reviewed by Geoff

Stand in the Square

23.20 to 00.50


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