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John-Luke Roberts: Stnad-Up 5***** - One4Review

John-Luke Roberts: Stnad-Up 5*****

| On 03, Aug 2014

In his Fringe blurb Mr Roberts describes himself as a ‘thoughtful idiot’, and I think that’s entirely accurate. This show consists of things that have been thoroughly thought through, in detail, but which are actually quite, quite silly. I really loved this show.

John-Luke was comfortable (even in his underpants) and confident, as well as being completely aware of the absurdity of some of his acts, and his suppressed giggles definitely added something. The central theme kept the whole thing together and moving, and gave credence to things which might otherwise have just been weird (eating several lemons being one). There was a little bit of audience participation, but nothing that should put anyone off.

This show was both awkward and hilarious, and it probably won’t be for everyone. But J-LR managed to take the audience with him, and the ride was totally worth it.

Reviewed by Laura

Voodoo Rooms (Venue 68), 18:05

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