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Girl on Fire – Abbie Murphy 4 **** - One4Review

Girl on Fire – Abbie Murphy 4 ****

| On 03, Aug 2014

This is a delightful piece of light hearted comedy drama that is staged in the bedroom of young Essex girl Stephanie and is an insight into the mysterious ways of fake-tanning, selfie taking, wanna be famous for all the wrong reasons youngster. Stephanie oozes confidence, bravado, yet is still living at home with her parents and relying on her allowance.

Whether it is boyfriends, Spanish holidays, gay brothers or her supposed ethnicity and liking of Bob Marley this blonde babe is happy to share the information with the watchers in an intimate, dark attic space.

Abbie Murphy is a very competent actress and certainly breathes life into the role. Her characterisation and portrayal of Stephanie never flagged. If there was a slight drawback it was the sound bleed from other very adjacent spaces detracted slightly from the ambiance, but it never fazed her one iota.

This is certainly a production worth catching, it is free to get in but remember Stepahnie is broke so a donation on the way out is more than desirable.

Reviewed by Geoff

The Counting House Attic

13.10 – 14.00

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